The Road Operators Safety Council (ROSCO) is an organisation set out by bus & coach companies, trade unions and other industry bodies to promote and encourage UK road safety amongst its patrons and the general public.

The association has set out to support schemes within organisations that reward safe driving amongst the drivers and employers it represents. ROSCO’s goal is to promote road safety through safe driving.

Relationship to the industry and governance

ROSCO was founded by associations representing road transport employers and by trade unions representing employees. The ROSCO Safe Driving Awards scheme began in 1955 and superseded a previously existing scheme. A Conductors’ Award of Merit scheme was also started, which by 1960 had over 50,000 entrants.

Today the Conductors’ scheme has all but gone, with the almost universal adoption of single person operation; however, the drivers scheme has continued to attract entrants with currently over 50,000 drivers signed up through over 100 operating companies.

ROSCO is governed by up to 12 trustees, including representatives of bus and coach companies appointed through the trade association the Confederation of Passenger Transport, Unite the Union representing the employees/drivers, and others who are independent specialising in legal, insurance and training areas of expertise. The Board maintains close links with Government, other transport bodies and associations working to promote road safety and safe driving, and responds to consultations on safety-related issues.

Aims and objectives:

To promote measures among owners and operators of road transport vehicles and their employees, to prevent accidents and encourage road safety

  • To promote, organise, encourage and support schemes and competitions, under which awards may be made to employees of the owners or operators of road transport vehicles, for freedom from accidents and for safe driving.
  • To encourage and support associations or corporate bodies, representing owners, operators and employees – with regard to all matters relating to road safety and freedom from accidents.
  • To encourage and support research and experiments into accident prevention and road safety.

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