How does my Company get involved?

Contact the ROSCO office to sign up your drivers for the Safe Driving Award. (The Awards year runs on the basis of a standard calendar year, Jan-Dec).

Once ROSCO receives your application, you state the number of drivers eligible to enter the scheme from the start of the ‘entry’ year. You will then receive a dedicated password to access the online database.

Who can join?

Transport companies who employ professional (vocational) drivers, who keep certified records of their staff – which includes records of any driving offences and/or accidents.

Is there a cost?

There is an initial one-off joining fee for new members, plus a modest entry fee on a per driver basis for each year entered. Contact us for up-to-date current fees.

What happens then?

On completion of the ‘entry’ year at the end of December, members are able to access their information online to update driver records. Members can note which of the drivers have achieved ‘accident free’ status during the year. Those eligible will then receive a diploma. A safe driving badge is awarded if said driver remains ‘accident free’ for five years. Members gain the most benefit by ensuring continuous membership to allow drivers to achieve year-on-year awards.

What happens if they have an accident that is not their fault?

If a driver has an accident that is not their fault this does not count towards their ‘accident free’ status remains unchanged.

I’ve not been in the scheme before, can my drivers claim retrospectively?

If you haven’t been in the scheme before, you may claim retrospective years’ records if the company can provide evidence. This means drivers who have built up a few years’ safe driving can make a claim from the point that they can prove eligibility.

Are awards transferable?

A driver can transfer his eligibility from one Member Company to another; both employers are required to be registered members of ROSCO Safe Driving Scheme.

Do you have to work a minimum number of hours for eligibility?

Yes, in order to be eligible for an award, drivers must be employed exclusively as a driver during the calendar year (with the exemption of holidays and short-term illness). If a driver has to take long-term illness in the year, you may ask for an exemption certificate, which allows the driver to keep their unbroken cumulative record of safe driving.

Will I find the time to administer this?

Absolutely, our web-based administration tool allows you to join, claim and update your records online. You will be able to import any list of employees from any source you hold electronically.