Safe driver awards

Safe driver awards

The awards are designed to provide an opportunity to recognise excellence and encourage safe driving amongst UK bus operators and their drivers. Drivers who have complied with the conditions of the scheme each year are entitled to awards in recognition.

Certificates are awarded each year and in addition, numbered year badges are gained once a continuous period of five years safe driving has been achieved. Enhanced certificates and medals are also awarded to drivers who achieve continuous and consecutive accident-free driving for 25, 30, 35 and 40 years.

ROSCO member companies can use our online portal to register their claims and entries for the Safe Driving Awards.

For details of membership, contact the ROSCO office on 01557 500680.

The current conditions relating to the ROSCO awards can be found here


ROSCO makes financial sense

For most companies the cost savings from the avoidance of just one single accident would more than compensate the costs of being in the ROSCO scheme.

The ROSCO scheme is easy to join and administer. Our web-based dashboard allows updates on records to be managed easily and quickly.

ROSCO member companies receive free copies of a range of professional posters to drive home the safety message in every depot.


Adding value through ROSCO membership

A recent survey of ROSCO members showed a clear link between recognising safe and fuel efficient driving through the Awards scheme and delivering benefits to the company’s bottom line.

97% of respondents said that the ROSCO Awards scheme added value to the company’s commitment to reduce collisions and improve fuel efficiency.

90% of respondents said that senior managements recognise direct benefits for the company from being a ROSCO member.

82% of respondents believe the safety posters available to ROSCO members are effective in influencing safe and fuel-efficient driving.